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What is WE_LEARN?

The Web-based Enhanced Learning Evaluation and Resource Network (WE_LEARN) system is a Web-based homework distribution (or testing) and grading system for a chemistry course, available for purchase or through a subscription service. This futuristic system is meant to replace supplemental workbooks as a learning enhancement device. Chemistry problems are distributed through the Internet in an environment that may be more familiar to students than the faculty teaching them. The WE_LEARN System is defined by the student completion of a series of modules in both a similar learning environment and a dissimilar learning environment. In the similar learning environment, a series of questions, focusing on "similar" concepts, are distributed to students through standard Internet browsers (e.g. Netscape 4.7 or higher, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher). Students submit their answers to the questions by clicking on an on-screen button.

Our advanced computer technologies evaluate the answers to these questions and provide immediate feedback to the students concerning their performance. Following completion of the similar learning environment modules, a dissimilar learning environment module presents questions from any concept area to allow students to self-evaluate their knowledge level. The data-keeping capabilities of the system present powerful tools with which to analyze and evaluate individual student performance.

Similar Learning Environment Problems

Students complete a series of problems (usually 8-10 problems) that relate to a similar concept area (e.g., Nomenclature of Alkenes, the Grignard Reaction, Aromaticity). Each textbook chapter is routinely divided into 5-10 individual units for easy access and student understanding of a particular topic. Each time that an assignment is given out, a different set of questions is distributed. Therefore, students cannot simply copy the work of other students as they complete their homework/learning exercises. Students complete the assignment and submit it for evaluation. In contrast to traditional homework exercises, where the grading of the assignment is normally the rate-determining step for instant feedback to the student, the computer may grade the homework "instantaneously" and simultaneously provide an explanation for the correct answer. In the developer's classroom, students may take an assignment as many times as they desire to amplify and LEARN the issues relevant to the indicated topic.

Dissimilar Learning Environment Problems

Database technologies enable easy linking together of the relevant concepts prior to an in-class examination to create practice tests. Students can then self-evaluate their knowledge level prior to an exam, leading to even higher levels of knowledge. The computer can then randomly select from all of the topics to be held on the exam.



WE_LEARN Home What is WE_LEARN? Why Use WE_LEARN? Purchase Info Where and When to See Us in Person
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